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Nintendo wins patent case concerning Mii design

A patent suit filed against Nintendo back in 2011 has been resolved in Nintendo’s favor, concerning the design of Mii characters.

Wii U GamePad can be used as a secondary screen

A new patent from Nintendo shows the GamePad tablet controller being used as a secondary screen in multiplayer.

Wii U controller and Wiimote connection suggested in new patent

Nintendo has been filing patents like crazy: the latest one involves the Wii U controller and the old

New Wii U Zapper revealed in patent application

Nintendo is filing a bunch of patents for Wii U accessories these days. Last week, it was revealed

Nintendo patents Wii U controller dock

Nintendo has filed for a patent covering a possible Wii U controller dock, or docking station, as the

Nintendo tested a 3D screen for Wii U controller

The Wii U console sets itself apart from every other console on the market with its innovative Wii

Wii U tablet controller to include flash memory

We already know that the Wii U tablet controller will feature a wide array of sensors, like an