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Pier Solar HD coming to Wii U on November 6

Watermelon Games have finally announced the release date of Pier Solar HD, a 16-bit RPG brought into the modern world.

New Pier Solar HD trailer for Wii U

Pier Solar HD is releasing soon on Wii U, so check out this new trailer of footage from the game.

Interview: Wii U Daily talks Pier Solar HD with WaterMelon Co.

We caught up with Pier Solar HD developer, WaterMelon Co. to discuss the game and what they have in store for the future.

Pier Solar HD for Wii U has been delayed

The Wii U version of Pier Solar HD has been delayed a bit, but here’s a look at what’s coming.

New Pier Solar HD trailer shows off gameplay

New trailer shows off more gameplay from Pier Solar HD.