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Pokemon Go now makes $10 million in daily revenue

Has over 100 million downloads to date.

Pokemon Go Plus delayed until September

Pokemon Go Plus was supposed to be available at the end of July, but Nintendo has announced it’s been delayed. Surprise, surprise.

Pokemon Go surpasses 30 million downloads and $35 million in reve...

Most popular and highest grossing app in the world right now.

Nintendo is now more valuable than Sony, thanks to Pokemon Go

Perhaps a tiny overreaction by the stock market?

Pokemon Go has 7.5 million downloads and $14 million in revenue i...

It’s no longer a “hit”, it’s a sensation.

Nintendo stock rockets 36% today so far thanks to Pokemon Go

Biggest one-day jump in company history.

You can sign up for the Pokemon Go US-based field test now!

Pre-registrations for the Pokemon Go field test in the United States are now live, go go go!

9 minutes of Pokemon Go footage leaks online [VIDEO]

9 minutes of new footage of the Pokemon Go field test in Australia have released online.

The Pokemon Company finally shows off Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Company finally gives us a look at Niantic’s upcoming Pokemon Go.

Is this the first look at Pokemon Go? [VIDEO]

A panel hosted at SXSW may give us our first look at Pokemon Go ahead of its release.

Niantic Labs asking for closed beta testers for Pokemon Go in Jap...

Niantic Labs is now seeking closed beta testers in Japan to test the upcoming Pokemon Go game.

Niantic Labs has cancelled their Pokemon Go presentation at GDC t...

Niantic Labs has cancelled their Pokemon Go presentation that was to appear at GDC 2016.

Nintendo and Google betting big on Pokemon Go with $20 million in...

Nintendo is betting big on mobile with Pokemon Go, with a $20 million investment in the studio creating the game.