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What happens when you scan amiibo into Pokemon Rumble U?

Pokemon Rumble U was Nintendo’s first effort with NFC figures and it turns out, Amiibo are sorta compatible with the game!

A new Pokemon Rumble U trailer shows off battles [Update]

A new trailer for Pokemon Rumble U shows off the fast paced battles you can expect from the game.

Pokemon Rumble U gets European release date

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Rumble U officially for Europe, releasing on August 15th.

12 minutes of Pokemon Rumble U for Wii U

Check out these 12 minutes of gameplay footage from Pokemon Rumble U, now available in Japan.

Second wave of Pokemon Rumble U figures revealed

The second set of figurines for Nintendo’s Pokemon Rumble U have been unveiled.

First look at Pokemon Rumble U figurines

The first set of figurines for Pokemon Rumble U have been unveiled.

Pokemon Rumble U will interact with Pokémon toys via NFC

Every Nintendo fan has predicted it, and it looks like this year it will become a reality — there will be a physical Pokémon...

Pokemon Scramble U announced for Japan

The first Wii U Pokemon game announced through a Japanese magazine is Pokemon Scramble U.