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April 1, 2014 6:45 AM
Google is celebrating April Fools in style with Pokemon invading its Google Maps app.
February 27, 2014 11:57 AM
Netflix has obtained the rights to Pokemon the animated series and several Pokemon movies.
pokemon battle trozei
February 13, 2014 3:50 PM
The Pokemon Trozei series has been revived, and it features every Pokemon to date with a new battle system.
January 16, 2014 4:52 PM
Nintendo has filed a new Pokémon related trademark in Japan for something called "Pokétouch."
December 11, 2013 2:21 PM
Amazon of Japan has revealed a "Best selling game" list that shows Monster Hunter 4 on top, with a few other recognizable titles not too far behind.
pokemon xy
October 14, 2013 8:09 AM
Don't expect a main entry to the Pokemon franchise on Wii U any time soon, confirms GameFreak director Junichi Masuda.
September 25, 2013 7:28 AM
Check out this new commercial that will be airing in North America for Pokemon X and Y.
September 16, 2013 9:51 AM
The Pokemon Celebrates the return of Gotta Catch 'Em All with a new music video and treasure hunt.
March 13, 2013 10:58 AM
Every Nintendo fan has predicted it, and it looks like this year it will become a reality — there will be a physical Pokémon product that interacts with a...
February 12, 2013 7:26 AM
The first Wii U Pokemon game announced through a Japanese magazine is Pokemon Scramble U.
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