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Pokken Tournament ships 1 million units on the Wii U

One of the more successful third party games on the Wii U.

Pokken Tournament arcade edition has new content update

Looks like the Japanese arcade version of Pokken Tournament has been updated with some new content, including new support pairs and of course, new...

Pokken Tournament has outsold Street Fighter V at retail

Pokken Tournament has outsold Street Fighter V at retail, the latter of which is available on two platforms.

Pokken Tournament fix on the way to fix Shadow Mewtwo

Pokken Tournament’s Shadow Mewtwo can execute and infinite combo against blocking opponents. The patch to fix this isn’t coming until early April.

Hori’s Pokken Tournament Wii U controller goes on sale earl...

$25 for a controller tailored for Pokken Tournament.

Rage-quitting in Pokken Tournament carries penalties

Pokken Tournament punishes rage-quitters who disconnect from online games.

Nintendo eShop: Pokken Tournament, Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 an...

Pokken Tournament and Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 drop tomorrow, but there’s still plenty that’s new this week.

Pokken Tournament will require a day one patch

Pokken Tournament will have a day-one patch required for online play.

Pokken Tournament countdown clash continues with two more battles...

Pokken Tournament battles continue to celebrate the upcoming release of the game. Who will win Garchomp vs Charizard and Machamp vs. Blaziken?

Check out these wicked Pokken Tournament combos [VIDEO]

Pokken Tournament’s release date is soon and Nintendo UK is teasing us with these combo videos.

Watch this interview with Pokken Tournament devs [VIDEO]

Pokken Tournament developers Katsuhiro Harada and Masaaki Hoshino speak with GameXplain about the development of Pokken Tournament.

Watch all of Pokken Tournament’s version of Fatalities [VID...

Check out every single synergy burst move in Pokken Tournament, the equivalent of Mortal Kombat’s fatalities.

The Pokemon Company hasn’t confirmed if Shadow Mewtwo is ca...

Shadow Mewtwo was created specifically for Pokken Tournament and there’s no telling if he’ll be appearing in other Pokemon media.

New support characters for Pokken Tournament revealed

Several new support Pokemon and their supporting attacks have been detailed for Pokken Tournament.

You’ll need about 5GB to install Pokken Tournament on your ...

Nintendo has revealed all the control methods you can use to play Pokken Tournament, as well as the size needed to install the game.

All amiibo will be compatible with Pokken Tournament

Nintendo has confirmed that all amiibo will be compatible with Pokken Tournament when it releases.

Chandelure is Pokken Tournament’s next fighter [VIDEO]

Watch Chandelure kick some pokemon butt in this latest Pokken Tournament trailer.