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Project CARS to showcase Wii U’s “hidden power”

Slightly Mad Studios believes they can show what Nintendo’s console is truly capable of.

Wii U more than capable of providing the Project CARS core experi...

Andy Tudor of Slightly Mad Studios tells us he can hear the fans of realistic racing games crying for the game on the Wii...

Project CARS vs. Real Life: One Lap at the Dubai Autodrome

Slightly Mad studios shows off what a real F1 race track looks like in the game versus the real thing.

Project C.A.R.S trailer shows off new cars and sounds

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new trailer for Project Cars showing off new tracks and cars.

Project Cars developer speaks about Wii U version of game

Project Cars developer Andy Tudor talks about how his team is ensuring the Wii U version of the game is unique.

Check out this fresh crop of Project Cars screenshots

More screenshots from the crowdfunded Project Cars have been released.

Project Cars Director: Wii U version is about innovation

Project Cars’ Director says Wii U Gamepad “screams new innovations for gameplay”.

Biker Bash coming to Wii U

Project Cars developer reveals new downloadable, arcade racing title inspired by Road Rash and MotorStorm.

New Project Cars screenshots

The newest Project Cars screenshots confirm the game looks absolutely gorgeous. And it’ll feature the new Pagani Huayra.

Project Cars screenshots

Developer Slightly Mad Studios has released a batch of new Project Cars screenshots. The screenshots are from the

Project Cars coming to Wii U

Developer Slightly Mad has revealed that their upcoming racing title Project Cars will be coming to the Wii