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Get Nintendo Land, ZombiU, and Sonic Racing for $60

Electronics retailer Frys has a Wii U game sale, with a 3-game bundle for $60

Why retailers are slashing Wii U prices

The recent Wii U price cuts show that retailers are pessimistic about the console’s future.

Costco offers Wii U consoles at reduced price

Costco lowers their price on Wii U consoles by up to $55.

Wii U starts shipping to customers

Customers are reporting that the Wii U is now in the hands of the various parcel services and on track to be delivered.

Wii U game unboxing

Wii U retail games get the unboxing video treatment.

First person is now waiting in line for a Wii U

Nintendo fan lines up for a Wii U weeks before launch in order to be first ever to get the new console.

Amazon is still not selling the Wii U, but there’s hope

The feud between Nintendo and Amazon continues, but there’s hope on the horizon.

Wii U pre-orders sell out at Sears, Toys ‘R Us, and Target

Major retails run out of both Basic and Deluxe models. Only place left to pre-order is GameStop and Walmart.

Wii U already sold out at several retailers

GameStop, Best Buy, and Target have all sold out of the Deluxe model. There’s still hope, though.

Nintendo: Wii U pre-orders are “extremely strong”

GameStop, Best Buy, and other retailers are offering Wii U pre-orders, and they’re “extremely strong”, says Nintendo.

Nintendo sending Wii U promotional materials to retailers

Display boxes and marketing materials appear at video game retailers in the UK and North America.

Retailer GameStop is excited about the Wii U

2012 hasn’t been good for retail game sales, and the Wii U will help improve that a lot, believes GameStop.

Blockbuster lists 25 Wii U games in its database

The list of Wii U games just got a lot more interesting, at least according to a report

Walmart sets Wii U price at $350

Walmart has begun running Google ads pegging Wii U price to $349. While the Wii U doesn’t have

Wii U games to be available as digital downloads at launch

Nintendo will offer Wii U games as digital downloads at launch, the company has revealed. And it won’t