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Retro calls Wii U a “Powerhouse,” new game in develop...

Retro gives high praise for the Wii U in a recent interview, confirms new game in development.

Retro Studios hiring more staff

Retro Studios is looking for more staff members to help with AI programming. Could this hint at their next big game?

Applying the Wii U NES decals on your Wii U [VIDEO]

An instructional video on how to apply the new NES decal stickers on your Wii U console.

Nintendo says Retro Studios is “hard at work”

Retro Studios is a known name among Nintendo fans: it’s the Nintendo-owned development house that made the fantastic

Retro Wii U controller concept

Graphic artist “gifteddeviant” made an awesome mockup of a retro Wii U controller that got our attention. Inspired