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Swords & Soldiers II is coming to Wii U on May 21st

Ronimo Games have finally announced the release date for their long awaited sequel, Swords & Soldiers II!

Swords & Soldiers HD coming to Wii U on May 22

Two Tribes have announced that Swords & Soldiers HD will be released on May 22 on the Nintendo eShop.

Awesomenauts could come to Wii U if devs find a port partner

Ronimo Games would consider bringing Awesomenauts to the Wii U with the right port partner.

Two Tribes announces its bringing Sword & Soldiers to Wii U

Two Tribes is bringing the original Sword & Soldiers to the Wii U eShop to get fans excited about the second game.

Ronimo Games discusses why Swords & Soldiers II fits on the ...

Swords & Soldiers II developers discuss their relationship with Nintendo and why they wanted to bring their game to the Wii U.

New Sword & Soldiers 2 reveal trailer shows more Viking acti...

Here’s the new reveal trailer for Sword & Soldiers II, complete with an amazingly catchy song.