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Nintendo reports 2014 fiscal year financial results

Nintendo has released their quarterly financial results, reporting a net loss of 23.2 billion yen, or $228 million USD.

Retro City Rampage 3DS sales pass Xbox 360 sales in one month

Despite an over a year long head start, and only initially being released in North America, the 3DS version has already outsold the XBLA...

The 2DS has sold 2.1 million consoles

2DS has sold about 2.1 million systems since it was announced last August.

Two million 3DS systems sold in the UK

MCV UK has reported that two million 3DS systems have been sold in the UK.

Monster Hunter 4 is Amazon Japan’s best selling game of the...

Amazon of Japan has revealed a “Best selling game” list that shows Monster Hunter 4 on top, with a few other recognizable titles not...

The state of Wii U: sales, strategy and the organizational re-shu...

Nintendo’s latest moves show the company’s still smart and strong, and calls of Wii U ‘failure’ are ridiculously premature.

PSA: Amazon having a sale on Wii U games again

A select number of Wii U games are on sale on Amazon this week.

Dev: Wii U may do ‘even better’ than Wii

A developer shares his thoughts on Nintendo’s latest console, and they’re rather refreshing.

Wii U sales will only reach a third of Wii sales: analyst

Wii U sales will only reach about a third of the Wii sales, according to game industry analysts.