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Nintendo announces Super Wii U, 600% more powerful than regular W...

Satoru Iwata's special Nintendo Direct presentation reveals the brand new, Super Wii U Nintendo console.

New Iwata Asks: Game & Wario

A new Iwata Asks has been released where Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discusses Game & Wario with its creators.

When will Nintendo wake up to the Wii U issues?

The Wii U has been struggling for months, and Nintendo has yet to step in and take action.

Did Iwata wear this year’s platinum Club Nintendo prize?

Last week's Nintendo Direct could have hidden this year's platinum Club Nintendo reward right under our noses.

New Wii U titles headed our way very soon!

Need For Speed Most Wanted U releases March 19th, amongst other titles coming soon.

Nintendo Direct 3DS round up – Year of Luigi, Animal Crossi...

This morning's NIntendo Direct was filled with 3DS news galore.

Wii Street U finally available in Japan after a delay

After a few delays, Wii Street U is now available for free for Japanese Wii U owners.

Iwata could step down if sales for Nintendo don’t pick up

A grim future could be in store for Satoru Iwata if Nintendo sales don't pick up over the next fiscal year.

Nintendo details update plans for the Wii U

Update schedule for the Wii U has been detailed by Satoru Iwata.

Nintendo working to improve slow Wii U OS

Nintendo is aware of the painfully slow Wii U operating system, and are working to fix it.

Iwata feels sales of the Wii U have been steady

Nintendo president says Wii U sales aren't what Nintendo expected, but they're 'not bad'.

Nintendo President: production of two Wii U models was a challeng...

Nintendo President admits offering two Wii U models to consumers was a challenge.

Nintendo president pledges to improve Wii U load times

Satoru Iwata apologises for some of system's launch issues, promises to address Wii U load times.

A look at some early Wii U GamePad prototypes

Nintendo has released some images of the very first Wii U GamePad prototypes.

Nintendo apologizes for Wii U update issues

Satoru Iwata is sorry that the day-one patch took so long to download and install.

Wii U unboxing video. By Satoru Iwata

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unboxes a Wii U Deluxe kit himself.

GameStop has 250,000 gamers waiting for a Wii U

Gamers who couldn't pre-order a Wii U got on a list at GameStop. And that list has grown to 250,000