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Nintendo working to improve slow Wii U OS

Nintendo is aware of the painfully slow Wii U operating system, and are working to fix it.

Iwata feels sales of the Wii U have been steady

Nintendo president says Wii U sales aren’t what Nintendo expected, but they’re ‘not bad’.

Nintendo President: production of two Wii U models was a challeng...

Nintendo President admits offering two Wii U models to consumers was a challenge.

Nintendo president pledges to improve Wii U load times

Satoru Iwata apologises for some of system’s launch issues, promises to address Wii U load times.

A look at some early Wii U GamePad prototypes

Nintendo has released some images of the very first Wii U GamePad prototypes.

Nintendo apologizes for Wii U update issues

Satoru Iwata is sorry that the day-one patch took so long to download and install.

Wii U unboxing video. By Satoru Iwata

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unboxes a Wii U Deluxe kit himself.

GameStop has 250,000 gamers waiting for a Wii U

Gamers who couldn’t pre-order a Wii U got on a list at GameStop. And that list has grown to 250,000

Some Wii U specs revealed: 2 GB memory, 75 W power consumption

Console will have a whopping 1 GB of memory for the operating system alone.

Iwata compares Wii U’s Miiverse with Facebook for gamers

Miiverse social network could become the Facebook for video games, says Nintendo.

Iwata: Wii U is important to the world

Nintendo knows the Wii U is a big deal: the console will be important to the world, according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

Wii U price is more important than being first on the market

Pricing the Wii U correctly at launch is much more important than simply being the first console on the market.

Nintendo: we don’t care how powerful the Xbox 720 and PS4 a...

Nintendo doesn’t care how powerful other next gen systems are compared to the Wii U, says company president Satoru Iwata.

Nintendo: next gen is about “improving gaming experience...

Nintendo says that power isn’t all important when it comes to next gen gaming, what’s important, is the gameplay experience.

Criticism of Wii U is similar to Wii, says Nintendo

Nintendo is confident that the Wii U criticism will fade once gamers get their hands on the new console and see the gameplay possibilities....

Nintendo might charge for Wii U online in the future

Nintendo may launch a premium Wii U online service in the future, while still giving access to free multiplayer to regular users.

Wii U price reveal coming in Autumn

The Wii U price will be announced in Autumn, a few months before the console launches, according to Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata.