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Impa is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors

New info about the characters and gameplay have been revealed along with screenshots.

Mighty No. 9 screenshots from Alpha build

Several Mighty No 9. Alpha build screenshots have been released today on the game’s official website.

New Pikmin 3 screenshots released

New screenshots show more of the game environment and a very special in-game tablet.

How to take a screenshot on the Wii U [VIDEO]

Learn how to grab a screenshot of anything happening on your television or GamePad while playing the Nintendo Wii U!

Funky Barn Wii U screenshots

New screenshots of the Wii U arcade farming simulator Funky Barn.

Nintendo Land screenshots

Nintendo Land was one of the new titles showcased at E3 this year, and according to Nintendo, the

Pikmin 3 screenshots

One of the major three Wii U launch titles is Pikmin 3, the other two games being New