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Amiibo has over taken Skylanders, tied with Disney Infinity in po...

Nintendo is neck and neck in popularity with Disney Infinity, while Skylanders lags behind.

GameStop announces it is accepting Skylanders and Disney Infinity...

GameStop is now accepting trade-ins of Skylanders and Disney Infinity characters.

Nintendo’s silent struggle: is the future mimicry?

Nintendo is still struggling and it’s clear they’re taking steps into territory they’ve never gone before: copying a competitor’s product.

Skylanders: Trap Team Announced

Toys for Bob announced its newest entry in the Skylanders series. Dubbed “Skylanders: Trap Team”, this game has you trapping and taking control of...

Activision went to Nintendo first with Skylanders

Toys for Bob founders discuss the start of Skylanders and the meetings they had with Nintendo about the franchise.

Frito Lay holding new Skylander naming contest

In an ongoing promotion by Frito-Lay, you can name one of the never before released Skylanders. This is also the first glimpse of Skylanders...

Skylanders series makes 2 billion dollars worldwide

Activision’s Skylanders series is paying off in leaps and bounds since its creation in 2011.

Skylanders: SWAP Force review

This is Activision’s third installment of their billion dollar idea. Is it worth the investment?

Pokemon Rumble U gameplay video revealed

Check out Pokemon Rumble U’s first promotional video right here!