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SEGA reveals new Sonic game, coming to NX in 2017

One of the first confirmed third party games for the NX.

Sonic fan gives the Sonic amiibo a more classical look [VIDEO]

One enterprising Sonic fan has transformed the Sonic amiibo into classic Sonic from the early Genesis days.

Sonic Boom or Sonic Bust?

This week on the Zorpix Den, I discuss my complaints and my compliments on Sega’s new rebranding of a childhood hero.

Sonic Boom game coming exclusively to Wii U/3DS [VIDEO]

Sega has announced Sonic Boom, a new Sonic game exclusively for Wii U and 3DS.

Sega says 2014 is the year of Sonic

Move over Luigi, 2014 is the year of Sonic according to Sega.

Sega has confirmed that previous Sonic info is ‘incorrect&#...

Sega has released a statement saying the Sonic information that leaked yesterday is incorrect.

Sonic is coming to the Wii U… and other platforms in 2015

A new Sonic game will be launching in 2015 on Wii U, as well as other platforms.

Sonic: Lost World Yoshi’s Island DLC available now for free...

The first of many Nintendo-related DLC levels for Sonic Lost World is available now for free!

New patch for Sonic Lost World is out today

A new patch for Sonic Lost World has released new content and fixed many bugs that players were experiencing.

Sega 3D Classics release dates have been confirmed

Eight Sega classics are coming to the 3DS eShop beginning in November! Dates and prices confirmed.

Rumor: New Sonic game in development for all next-gen consoles [U...

A large rumor for a new Sonic game is spreading, but the details are pretty sketchy at best.

Sonic is the newest Super Smash Bros. character

Sonic is the latest character to join the Super Smash Bros. roster.

Sega says Sonic audience is clearly on Nintendo platforms

Sonic brand manager Aaron Webber says Sonic titles have historically performed better on Nintendo consoles.

Sega confirms third Sonic game will not arrive in 2013

Sega has confirmed that all three Sonic games will not be released in the 2013 calendar year.

Wii U getting Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed?

There have been rumors out there suggesting that the Wii U would get Sonic & All Stars Racing