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Sony’s Yoshida says Nintendo brings balance to the industry

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida discusses Nintendo's role in the gaming industry as balance.

Zorpix Den: E3 Impressions

Inside you'll see a video (sorry!) of what I thought about all the E3 press conferences. You'll also finally be able to see my...

Poll: which console manufacturer “won” E3 2014?

So all three console manufacturers have their E3 2014 press conferences in the books, and by now we've had a bit of time to...

Japanese Sales — Wii U narrows the gap on PlayStation platf...

Media Create and Famitsu have submitted their weekly sales numbers for the Japanese region for the week ending May 11th, 2014. How's the good...

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer praises Super Smash Bros. while ja...

Phil Spencer discusses what makes Super Smash Bros. great.

Sony buys factory that makes Wii U chips

Sony is the new owner of a factory that makes Wii U DRAM chips. But Nintendo is already looking for new partners.

Nintendo valued as a bigger company than Sony

The success of the 3DS and the lift of the console ban in China both attribute to Nintendo's high market value.

Nintendo’s stock is rising after China lifts gaming console...

Nintendo's stock is on the rise as China's ban on foreign game consoles is officially lifted today.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida claims Wii U is “Just getting s...

We know Sony's President already owns two Wii U systems, but he publicly claimed he is optimistic about the console's future as well.

Sony looks to purchasing factory that makes the eDRAM for Wii U

The factory that manufacturers the Wii U's eDRAM could be sold to Sony.

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida owns two Wii U consoles

Sony Computer Entertainment's president of worldwide studios isn't afraid to admit he owns not one, but two Wii U consoles.

What Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles will mean for Wii U

A renewed focus on games, second-screen enhancements and streaming will feature heavily in upcoming consoles. Did Wii U get the jump, or will it...

Keeping an eye on the competition: Watch the PlayStation 4 announ...

Watch the Sony press conference from yesterday here and let us know your thoughts!

Sony steps on Nintendo’s toes with remote play to Vita

Sony announces the Vita will function like the Wii U GamePad for the PlayStation 4.

Sony: we wish Nintendo well with the Wii U

Despite previous criticism of the Wii U, Sony now wishes Nintendo success with their new console.

Sony: “Wii U is a very interesting product”

Sony has a few good words to say about the Wii U, apparently.

Sony: PlayStation 3 and Vita can do what the Wii U does

Sony claims that its aging PS3 and its expensive Vita handheld console can do what the Wii U does.