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This guy proposed to his girlfriend using Super Mario Maker [VIDE...

One guy decided to pop the question to his girlfriend with the help of Super Mario Maker.

Hello Kitty and My Melody costumes headed to Super Mario Maker

Hello Kitty is headed to Super Mario Maker through a new event course you’ll be able to play tomorrow.

Super Mario Maker has sold 3.5 million copies and you’ve ma...

Super Mario Maker has now sold 3.5 million copies and has more user-created courses than you will probably ever play.

Ice Climbers headed to Super Mario Maker [VIDEO]

The Ice Climbers duo Nana and Popo are coming to Super Mario Maker starting tomorrow!

Splatoon wins Famitsu’s Game of the Year for 2015

Both Splatoon and Super Mario Maker were heavily awarded by the magazine, but Splatoon took the Game of the Year award.

Fan creates new Super Mario World game in Super Mario Maker

One Super Mario Maker fan has made an entirely new Super Mario World game, featuring 40 user-created and themed levels.

Updated Mario Maker Guidelines still don’t explain random d...

Nintendo has updated their guidelines for Mario Maker courses, but they’re not as descriptive as they could be.

Man promises whisky to game host if he can beat his Super Mario M...

A man from Scotland challenged GameCenter CX host Shinya Arino to beat his Super Mario Maker level for a bottle of whiskey.

Here’s a look at everything that’s new in Super Mario...

Super Mario Maker 1.40 update brings several new features, including several key items to help level creators create more puzzle levels.

Super Mario Maker has a big update on the way

Super Mario Maker is getting a big update next week that brings several new features.

Super Mario Maker is getting a Wolf Link costume [VIDEO]

Super Mario Maker is getting a Wolf Link costume likely unlocked by the Wolf Link amiibo.

Watch 101 people play Super Mario Kart together [VIDEO]

One YouTuber is showing what Super Mario Kart looks like when 101 people race together.

Original Pokemon starters are now in Super Mario Maker as costume...

Super Mario Maker now has the original three starter Pokemon available as costumes, with event courses starring each.

Japan gets Super Mario Maker candy

You can now buy Super Mario Maker inspired candy in Japan.

Super Mario Maker now has over 6 million user-created courses

With more than 6 million user-created courses now under its belt, Super Mario Maker is shaping up to be a content-heavy game.

Super Mario Maker is offline for maintenance due to a bug

Super Mario Maker is offline until tomorrow night due to a bug in the game’s Create mode.

Watch this Super Mario Maker level made possible by lag [VIDEO]

A user has managed to create a bullet hell level for Super Mario Maker using item overload lag.