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Super Meat Boy in action on the Wii U [VIDEO]

Check out fifteen minutes of footage of Super Meat Boy in action on the Wii U. The game releases on the eShop next Thursday.

Super Meat Boy finally coming to Wii U on May 12

Super Meat Boy finally has a release date on the Wii U. Nintendo fans will get to experience the hard-as-nails platformer on May 12.

Super Meat Boy trailer for Wii U [VIDEO]

Check out this trailer for Super Meat Boy, coming to the Wii U soon.

Super Meat Boy officially coming to Wii U

It’s finally coming to the Wii U.

Team Meat wants to see Super Meat Boy in Smash Bros.

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes want to see Meat Boy available in the Smash Bros. roster.