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You can now download the Wonderful 101 soundtrack

If you enjoyed The Wonderful 101’s soundtrack as much as you did its addictive gameplay, then you’ll love this bit of news: you can...

The Wonderful 101 soundtrack is releasing September 15

HIdeki Kamiya has announced that The Wonderful 101 soundtrack will be available digitally soon.

Deal: Newegg selling WWHD Wii U & 2 games for $270

Newegg is currently offering a huge steal for potential new Wii U owners.

Platinum wanted Miis in Wonderful 101, could be featured in a seq...

Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya revealed on Twitter earlier this week that one of his original ideas for the game was to let players...

Wii U North American holiday gift guide

Figure out what gifts to give your gamer loved ones this holiday season with this handy guide!

Iwata admits The Wonderful 101 & Pikmin 3 didn’t sell ...

Iwata admits that Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 didn’t serve to increase Wii U sales like the company previously hoped.

The Wonderful 101 Review

The Wonderful 101 has come to save us from gaming monotony, but does it succeed on delivering us from boredom?

The Wonderful 101 launch trailer is as crazy as always

The game hits the store shelves tomorrow, and Nintendo has released the final launch trailer.

The Wonderful 101’s art style wasn’t always so bright

Director Hikedi Kamiya says that the art style for The Wonderful 101 was initially “a bit darker.”

Japanese charts show The Wonderful 101 sold just 5,000 copies

Japanese sales of The Wonderful 101 were abysmally low now that concrete sales numbers are in for the week.

Japanese retailer sales chart shows The Wonderful 101 doing poorl...

Japanese sales of The Wonderful 101 seem to be doing poorly according to a popular retail outlet’s sales charts.

Here’s Nintendo’s full lineup for PAX Prime

Nintendo’s presence at PAX Prime will be a huge one, with opportunities to play The Wonderful 101 and Pokemon X & Y before release.

The Wonderful 101 only shipping 30,000 copies in Japan

The Wonderful 101 will have just 30,000 copies to sell in Japan during its launch this week.

Nintendo hopes to target new audiences with The Wonderful 101

Nintendo says it hopes The Wonderful 101 will appeal to a broader audience than just its hardcore fans.

Have demos ever affected your purchasing decision? [POLL]

Has a demo ever affected your purchasing decision toward a game, either positively or negatively?

A ton of Wonderful 101 Wii U footage

Over an hour of footage from the upcoming Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101

Here’s the ending trailer from today’s The Wonderful ...

The full seven minute trailer introducing the Wonder Team is now available for watching.