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New Wii U TV commercial pitches Wii Sports Club

Nintendo’s new TV ad has kids pitching the new Wii Sports Club to their parents.

Wii U featured on The Price is Right

The Wii U was recently featured on The Price is Right, where contestants had to guess the price of a Wii U bundle.

Tons of new Wii U commercials

The Wii U marketing campaign has officially kicked off with several 30-second TV spots for both the UK and North America.

First North American Wii U TV commercial released

Nintendo ups the production value for the first North American Wii U television commercial.

Nintendo to start Wii U TV advertising on Oct 17

First Wii U TV ad will be a 60 second spot during the popular talent show X-Factor in the UK.

Wii U showcased on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The Wii U is slowly getting some air time on national TV, starting with Jimmy Fallon and his