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Xenoblade Chronicles X supports off-TV play because of Western ga...

According to recent tweets by the game’s director, Off-TV play support was added at the request of Western fans.

Splatoon’s single player plot has been revealed

A bit of Splatoon’s single player plot has been revealed thanks to the Japanese Twitter account.

Weirdness: A Twitter client for the original Game Boy

An enterprising programmer from Japan has managed to create a Twitter cartridge for his Game Boy Color.

Mario Kart memories Twitter contest

Nintendo is offering up a Mario Kart 8 Wii U Deluxe Set Bundle and all you have to do to get it is post...

IGN hints at big Nintendo news tonight

IGN’s offical Twitter account tweeted a very vague message hinting that Nintendo fans should stay up tonight.

Ex-Criterion boss complains about Nintendo and EA

When challenged by a fan about not supporting the Wii U Criterion Games co-founder Alex Ward had some strong things to say about Nintendo...

Nicalis co-founder says Gamepad was a mistake

Tyrone Rodriguez claims GamePad was a bigger waste of time and money than Kinect.

Nintendo confirms Mario Kart 8 coming sometime in May

Gibson mentions that Nintendo are implementing a fast start up of the Gamepad designed to access off-tv play quickly.

Platinum wanted Miis in Wonderful 101, could be featured in a seq...

Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya revealed on Twitter earlier this week that one of his original ideas for the game was to let players...

Rumor: Nintendo Press event at the end of January?

Jools Watsham replies ‘maybe, maybe not’ on his Tweet

Bayonetta 2 creative director tired of all the “port beggar...

Bayonetta 2 Creative Director JP Kellams sent a tweet earlier today discussing his feelings about “port beggars.”

Super Ubie Land coming to the eShop in early 2014

Notion Games proclaim to have Super Ubie Land finished by Christmas, but the game will see another name change.

Wii U and iPad Are Most Talked About Gifts on Twitter, Says Resea...

Rakuten says their internal research reveals more interest in the Wii U this holiday season than its competitors.

Here’s something exciting for 3DS owners tomorrow [RUMOR]

The long awaited Miiverse update could just be a day away according to noted rumor leaker Emily Rogers.

Iwata is spot on when it comes to social media

Satoru Iwata puts it frankly when talks about social media integration and game consoles.

Wii U Daily’s new Facebook page

Dear Wii U Daily readers, First of all, thanks to all of you guys for following the site