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April 29, 2013 9:30 AM
The release date for Watch Dogs has been officially confirmed.
April 22, 2013 9:36 AM
A brand new Splinter Cell: Blacklist Wii U trailer shows off Sam's new moves with the Wii U GamePad.
April 22, 2013 6:50 AM
Nintendo has announced that the promised challenge mode for Rayman Legends will be available this week.
April 22, 2013 5:03 AM
The Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist is now available for pre-order from Amazon and GameStop.
April 16, 2013 7:56 AM
Ubisoft's new Blacklist trailer shows off Sam Fisher's stealthy side.
April 12, 2013 6:49 AM
Online retailer Newegg is currently offering a $10 discount on Rayman Legends pre-orders.
April 11, 2013 9:29 AM
The hardcore procedurally generated platformer Cloudberry Kingdom has found a home on Wii U thanks to Ubisoft.
April 11, 2013 7:39 AM
Because of the delay until September, Rayman Legends will now be receiving 30 more levels of content and new boss fights.
April 10, 2013 8:24 AM
A new Rayman Legends demo including an exclusive level and challenge mode will be making its way to the eShop this month.
April 10, 2013 7:41 AM
Ubisoft have officially confirmed Splinter Cell: Blacklist will see Wii U release.
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