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Deal: Amazon has the Wii Fit Meter for $10

Amazon is offering a great deal on Wii Fit Meters for those of you who haven’t picked one up yet.

Deal: Newegg has the Wii Fit Meter for $9.99

Haven’t picked up a Wii Fit Meter yet? Then Newegg has you covered for a tenner.

Wii Fit U is heading to retailers on January 10th

Nintendo has officially announced the availability of Wii Fit U for retail stores.

Wii U North American holiday gift guide

Figure out what gifts to give your gamer loved ones this holiday season with this handy guide!

Iwata believes the Wii Fit U trial will bring attention to the co...

Iwata says the Wii Fit U promotion will have a long-lasting affect on Wii U sales over the coming months.

Nintendo introduces the Wii Fit Meter in a new trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer showing off how the Fit Meter interacts with the new Wii Fit U.

Wii Fit Meter coming in three colors to match Mario & Luigi ...

The Wii Fit Meter that is launching with Wii Fit U will be available in three different colors.