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Nintendo to support the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll

This year Nintendo is teaming up with the National Park Foundation to bring their Wii U to the 2014 White House Easter Egg...

Deal: Newegg has the Wii Fit Meter for $9.99

Haven’t picked up a Wii Fit Meter yet? Then Newegg has you covered for a tenner.

Wii Fit U gets massive price cut at Walmart and Amazon

Retailers are offering a massive price cut on the Wii U exercise game, selling it for just $55.

Wii Fit U receives update to address minor issues

Wii Fit U has received a minor update addressing usability and Fit Meter transferring problems.

Iwata announces new business strategy for Nintendo

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has outlined a new direction for Nintendo’s business strategy.

Deal Alert: Best Buy & Amazon currently have Wii Fit U for $...

Amazon and Best Buy currently have a deal on Wii Fit U bundles, selling for $65 instead of $89.

Wii Fit U is heading to retailers on January 10th

Nintendo has officially announced the availability of Wii Fit U for retail stores.

Wii Fit U delayed until next year

Wii Fit U’s physical release has been delayed again, this time until early in January.

Iwata Asks: Wii Fit Meter

Iwata gets together with some of the developers at Panasonic to talk about the Fit Meter they developed for Wii Fit U.

Nintendo shows how to get your free trial of Wii Fit U & Wii...

Nintendo has released a quick video detailing how to get your free trials of Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club on your new...

Retail release of Wii Fit U delayed to December 13 in Europe

Nintendo UK has announced that the European version of Wii Fit U will see a delay for its retail release.

Here’s a fix for Wii Fit U locking up while transferring da...

If you’ve experienced a lockup while trying to transfer your data from Wii Fit to Wii Fit U, this fix is for you.

Iwata believes the Wii Fit U trial will bring attention to the co...

Iwata says the Wii Fit U promotion will have a long-lasting affect on Wii U sales over the coming months.

Nintendo introduces the Wii Fit Meter in a new trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer showing off how the Fit Meter interacts with the new Wii Fit U.

Wii Fit Meter coming in three colors to match Mario & Luigi ...

The Wii Fit Meter that is launching with Wii Fit U will be available in three different colors.

Wii Fit U being co-developed by Pandora’s Tower developer

Pandora’s Tower developer Ganbarion is helping co-develop the upcoming Wii Fit U.

Nintendo giving away Wii Fit U free for a month

Nintendo has announced that it will be giving away Wii Fit U for a month to let users try out the game.