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Weirdness: According to Iowa State, the Pokewalker is the most ac...

study performed at Iowa State University showed that Nintendo’s Pokewalker accessory was the most accurate pedometer among consumer products.

Wii Fit U delayed until next year

Wii Fit U’s physical release has been delayed again, this time until early in January.

Iwata Asks: Wii Fit Meter

Iwata gets together with some of the developers at Panasonic to talk about the Fit Meter they developed for Wii Fit U.

Medical report shows Wii Fit can help control diabetes

A research article suggests that playing Wii Fit can help improve physical activity, glucometabolic control and quality of life.

Retail release of Wii Fit U delayed to December 13 in Europe

Nintendo UK has announced that the European version of Wii Fit U will see a delay for its retail release.

Here’s a fix for Wii Fit U locking up while transferring da...

If you’ve experienced a lockup while trying to transfer your data from Wii Fit to Wii Fit U, this fix is for you.