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Here’s how one retailer deals with extra Wii Mini stock

A disappointing look at how the Wii Mini is being marketed in one retail location leads us to ask, was this commonplace over the...

Editorial: Nintendo sit down, we need to talk about your Wii obse...

Nintendo will be releasing the Wii Mini in the United States this holiday season, which is its dumbest move ever.

Wii Mini is coming to America this holiday season bundled with Ma...

Nintendo has announced that the Wii mini will be coming to the United States this holiday season.

Wii Mini unboxed and compared to Wii U (video)

New unboxing video of the Wii Mini shows just how small it is compared to the Wii U.

Wii Mini unboxing

While it’s all about the Wii U these days, Nintendo has released another new console: the Wii Mini. Here’s an unboxing video.

Wii Mini is official: new Wii retails at $99

Redesigned Wii Mini is coming this December and will retail at just $99.

Nintendo rumored to work on Wii Mini

Nintendo will release a Wii Mini console next month, according to a new rumor.