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Wii Party U causes Wii U sales in Japan to skyrocket

Sales of the Wii U jumped in Japan last week thanks to the release of the Wii Party U bundle that included several games.

20 minutes of Wii Party U gameplay

A new video shows many of the minigames from Wii Party U in action.

New Wii Party U gameplay trailer

Newest trailer shows even more of the 80+ mini-games available in Wii Party U.

New trailer for Wii Party U shows off new games

A brand new trailer for Wii Party U shows off two never before seen mini-games.

Newegg is offering Wii Party U for pre-order at $39.99

Newegg is currently offering the Wii Party U pre-order for $39.99 with additional savings.

Wii Party U screenshots and artworks

Nintendo has released some colorful screenshots and artwork of the upcoming Wii U party game.

Wii Party U includes Wii Remote Plus and GamePad stand

Nintendo will include an extra Wii Remote controller and GamePad stand, free of charge.

Wii Party U announced for Wii U

Nintendo has announced Wii Party U for the Wii U.