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Nintendo finally gets around to advertising the Wii U… in J...

Several new advertisements for the Wii U have surfaced.. from Japan.

Here’s a tour of Nintendo’s Wii U Summer Tour at Disn...

Here’s a full tour of the Wii U Summer Tour booth available at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Wii U TV ad banned in UK for being misleading

UK regulatory agency bans Wii U TV ad for being misleading.

Wii U holiday mall experience video

Nintendo will bring the Wii U promotional tour to over two dozen malls across the US in the next few weeks.

Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat TV ad

New TV commercial shows off Wii U chat and Nintendo TVii.

LEGO City Undercover TV ad

Brand new TV ad shows one of the little talked about first party titles from Nintendo.

German Wii U trailer/advertisment

Nintendo is rolling out TV ads in Germany for their new console.

Japanese Wii U commercial calls the console “Super Wii̶...

A TV ad in Japan refers to the Wii U as the “Super Wii” console.

ZombiU TV commercial

Nintendo and Ubisoft release the first ZombiU TV commercial in Europe.

Nintendo Land Wii U TV commercial

Nintendo reveals the Nintendo Land TV ad set to hit the airwaves very soon.

Wii U print ads

Nintendo reveals the first Wii U print ads and posters set for the United Kingdom.

New Super Mario Bros U TV commercial

Nintendo releases the first New Super Mario Bros U TV commercial for North America.

Tons of new Wii U commercials

The Wii U marketing campaign has officially kicked off with several 30-second TV spots for both the UK and North America.

First North American Wii U TV commercial released

Nintendo ups the production value for the first North American Wii U television commercial.

Burger King Wii U toys revealed

Check out the entire lineup of Burger King Wii U toys.

Burger King Wii U toys spotted

Burger King’s first Wii U toys have been spotted in the wild.

Nintendo to start Wii U TV advertising on Oct 17

First Wii U TV ad will be a 60 second spot during the popular talent show X-Factor in the UK.