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GameStop kicks off its Wii U promotion

Mega game retailer GameStop has started promoting the Wii U in its stores.

Burger King Wii U promotion spotted

Nintendo and Burger King are teaming up to promote the Wii U, and the first poster has been spotted in the wild.

Wii U ads spotted in Japan

And so it begins: Nintendo has started rolling out smaller Wii U billboards in Japan.

Is the Wii U struggling to build buzz?

The Wii U was overshadowed by the iPhone 5 reveal last week, and didn’t receive much mainstream coverage, article claims.

Australia receives Wii U marketing material

New promotional material includes posters, box art, and Wii U accessory boxes as well.

Nintendo sending Wii U promotional materials to retailers

Display boxes and marketing materials appear at video game retailers in the UK and North America.