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PSA: Punch Out! for Wii U Virtual Console is now available

Nintendo’s third game for the 30 cent Wii U Virtual Console is Punch Out!.

Wii U’s Tank Tank Tank is free to play in Europe

Namco Bandai tries a new approach for the slow-selling action game.

Trine 2: Director’s Cut Review

The biggest console version of Trine 2 available.

Nintendo discounts several eShop titles

Did you get a Wii U for the holidays? Nintendo has a nice bonus for us Wii U

Nintendo working to fix 18+ Wii U eShop restriction

Nintendo is looking to fix the Wii U eShop restriction where 18+ rated games can only be purchased during the night.

North American Wii U eShop games go on sale

North American Wii U eShop gets 3 games on sale until early next month.

New Runner2 Wii U gameplay trailer

A new Runner2 Wii U trailer is released, showing off an entire level from the upcoming platformer.

Wii U indie games on sale in UK

More Wii U indie games go on sale in the UK.

Download Little Inferno’s soundtrack for free

Developer Tomorrow Corporation is offering the Little Inferno soundtrack as a free download.

“Super Ubi Land” may be headed to Wii U

Nintendo has shown interest in bringing the indie platformer Super Ubi Land to the Wii U and 3DS.

Nintendo: publishers set play limits on Wii U demos

Nintendo confirms that individual publishers set the play limit on their Wii U demos.

Nintendo blocks 18+ games download on eShop during the day in Eur...

Due to German “youth protection” laws, games such as ZombiU can only be downloaded during the night.

6 new indie games get Wii U eShop release dates

Independent developers are bringing 6 new games to the Wii U eShop in the next few months.

Wii U game download sizes range from 81 MB to 17 GB

Games on the Wii U eShop range from 81 MB all the way up to 17 GB for the Assassin’s Creed 3 digital download.

Complete list of Wii U eShop content for the UK

The full and complete list of all the Wii U eShop content available in the UK at launch, including their prices.

Wii U eShop demos have play limits

Game demos on the Wii U eShop have a play restriction. The first demo on the store, FIFA 13, can only be accessed 10...

Top 20 best selling games on Wii U eShop

Top 20 best selling games on the eShop includes a healthy mix of retail and indie titles.