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Nintendo is now selling the GamePad separately in Japan

Nintendo has started selling the GamePad separately on its website in Japan. No word on if it’ll be offered to the West.

Redesigned Wii U GamePad revealed in new Nintendo video?

A new Nintendo commercial might have unveiled a redesigned GamePad controller.

Nyko UBoost for Wii U GamePad review

A look at Nyko’s UBoost GamePad battery pack and how it performs.

Wii U GamePad costs around $140 to replace

The consumer cost of replacing a Wii U GamePad is nearly as expensive as Nintendo’s handheld.

Official Wii U GamePad accessory set coming February 4th

Grab official Nintendo GamePad accessories including a screen protector, extra stylus, and cleaning cloth.

Rumor: Nintendo working on cartridge for 3DS to allow Wii U contr...

Could a new way to control your Wii U be in the works?

Test of Wii U screen protectors

New video shows a comparison test between the different Wii U screen protectors on the market.

Wii U GamePad is region locked

Nintendo has gone the extra step and region locked the Wii U GamePad controller.

First retailer to sell the Wii U Gamepad individually

A retailer in the UK has apparently begun selling Wii u GamePads individually.

Chinese Wii U GamePad knockoff is real

The Wii U GamePad is already being copied by the Chinese in less than stellar ways.

How the Wii U GamePad works

A new video shows just how the Wii U GamePad controller technology works.

Nyko releasing Wii U GamePad battery extender

Third party GamePad battery will double the play-time, according to manufacturer.

Wii U GamePad drop test

The Wii U GamePad is pretty rugged and survives several drops at various angles.

Wii U GamePad Rattle: Are You Concerned?

Mixed opinions emerge about the “rattling sound” made by the Wii U GamePad.

Wii U GamePad has special port for controller accessories

Nintendo has equipped the GamePad with a special port for future Wii U controller accessories.

Ubisoft: Wii U GamePad latency is 1/60th of a second

Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel says Wii U GamePad latency is almost non-existent at 1/60th of a second.

Wii U GamePad lag test

New video shows that the Wii U GamePad controller is very responsive and virtually lag-free.