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Nintendo: Wii U supply chain is solid

Looks like there will be no shortages of Wii U consoles when it launches.

More unannounced Wii U launch games are in development

Nintendo has revealed that there are more unannounced Wii U games in development, some will be released during the launch window.

Full list of Wii U games and their launch schedule

Complete list includes 15 games on launch day, and over 50 games during the launch window.

Wii U getting 50 launch window games, new titles revealed

New titles include 007 Legends from Activision, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3, and Epic Mickey 2.

Wii U launching with 2 SKUs on Dec 8 in Japan

Wii U getting 2 models: 8 GB and 32 GB flash storage. Nintendo Network Premium online service revealed as well.

Wii U to launch on December 7 in Europe?

New rumor suggest a December 7 Wii U launch in Europe, at a steep price of €350.

Wii U to have 3 SKUs, launching on Nov. 11: Rumor

Nintendo will price the Wii U from $249 to $349, and launch on November 11, according to game distributor.

Wii U toys coming to Burger King on October 25?

New rumor suggests a Wii U launch date on October 25.

Wii U price and release date coming September 13th?

Nintendo is hosting a special event in New York for the Wii U, price and launch date likely to be the focus.

Wii U pre-orders to begin in September?

Industry-wide pre-orders to begin in September when Nintendo reveals Wii U price and launch date.

Wii U to launch in December in Europe?

Manufacturing difficulties to blame for a delay in Europe, according to a new report.

New Super Mario Bros U release date still on track

Despite rumors, Nintendo says New Super Mario Bros U is still on track as a WIi U launch title in Fall 2012.

New Super Mario Bros U coming after launch

Latest comment from Nintendo suggests that New Super Mario Bros U won’t be launching with the Wii U, but will arrive shortly after.

Wii U launch to be better than 3DS

The Wii U launch lineup and content will be much better than 3DS, Nintendo says.

Wii U at E3 was just the “tip of the iceberg”

The Wii U was relatively successful at E3, with two dozen games showcased, and some new features revealed.

Ubisoft planning 7 Wii U games for launch

We already know that Ubisoft is developing several titles for the Wii U, and that their support for