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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze download size revealed

A good 11.4gb download size awaits those who will be purchasing digital copies.

Wii U Daily European holiday gift guide

Zac’s dug up some of the hottest deals in Europe for everything Wii U, just for you!

Deal Alert: Best Buy has white Wii U Pro controller for $25

Best Buy is currently offering the white Wii U Pro controller for half off in its deal of the day.

Beware of fake Wii U Pro controllers on Amazon

Sub-sellers on Amazon are offering counterfeit Wii U accessories.

Wii U Pro controller thumbsticks replaced with Xbox 360 parts

You can replace the thumbsticks in the Wii U pro controller with those found in the Xbox 360 controller, a new video shows.

Nintendo setting up thousands of Wii U kiosks in North America

Nintendo will roll out 5,000 Wii U demo kiosks across North America in time for the launch on November 18.

More third party Wii U Pro controllers revealed

New third party Wii U Pro controller comes in 5 flavors and will retail at $35, according to rumors.

Wii U Pro controller battery life lasts 80 hours

You’ll get a lot of gaming out of a Wii U Pro controller, up to 80 hours on a single battery charge.

Third party Wii U Pro controller revealed

Third party SNES-themed Wii U Pro controller has been revealed in Australia, will be available on launch day.

Nintendo reveals Wii U branded Wiimotes, plus Pro controller box

Wiimotes and other accessories getting Wii U treatment later this year.

Wii U games to cost $60, Pro controller to cost $50

Pro controller and Wii U games have been officially priced for the North American market.

Nintendo doesn’t want hardcore gamers to feel left out with...

Adding the Wii U Pro Controller will help satisfy hardcore gamers on the new console, says Nintendo.

Activision might have forced Nintendo to add Wii U Pro controller

In order to get Call of Duty on the Wii U, Activision might have forced Nintendo to release the Wii U Pro Controller.

Nintendo responds to Microsoft’s Wii U comment

Nintendo fights back in regards to Microsoft comparing the Wii U to the Xbox 360.

Wii U pro controller and GamePad photos

Nintendo revealed the Wii U Pro controller and the Wii U GamePad yesterday via Nintendo Direct, and both

Nintendo Direct pre-E3 Wii U video event

In case you missed the live strean of Nintendo Direct, where they revealed a bunch of new Wii

Miiverse trailer

Nintendo revealed the Miiverse earlier today, and here is the first trailer for the new service. Keep in