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Wii U sales spike in Japan thanks to new bundles

Wii U sales increase more than 50% compared to the week before.

Wii U sold 46k in July according to unconfirmed NPD numbers

According to leaked NPD information, the Wii U sold around 46k units in the United States during July.

Nintendo finally sells 10 million Wii U consoles

Nintendo has finally sold 10 million Wii U consoles worldwide.

Report: Wii U sold 70,000 units in the US in June

Wii U sales almost doubled compared to the month before, likely due to the success of Splatoon.

Wii U sold just 43,000 units in April (NPD leak)

The Wii U accounted for just 10% of current gen sales in North America last month, according to NPD.

Analyst: Wii U will sell below 20 million by 2019

The Wii U won’t sell over 20 million units in its lifetime, according to (some) analysts.

Japanese sales: Wii U continues to hover at 6k sold

The Wii U continues to hover at 6k sold this week in Japan, but there are no new releases on the horizon.

Wii U has best sales month ever in December 2014

Wii U ended 2014 strongly, with record hardware and software sales.

Report: Wii U sales top 8 million

According to VGChartz, Wii U sales have topped 8 million worldwide.

Wii U lifetime sales have hit 2 million in Japan

The Wii U has surpassed the 2 million sales mark in Japan before the very lucrative 2014 holiday shopping season.

Japanese sales: Monster Hunter still on top, Wii U sees small inc...

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues to dominate the top of the chart while the Wii U sees a small sales increase week over week.

Nintendo UK says Wii U sales are up 60% in the region

Marketing executive Shelly Pearce says the Wii U is doing well in the UK compared to the tepid reception at launch.

Japanese sales: Nintendo reclaims the top five

Here’s a look at the software and hardware sales in Japan, where Yokai Watch continues to dominate.

Mario Kart 8 sold 470k units in the US last month

Lifetime sales of Mario Kart 8 in the US are at 885,000

Estimates put US Wii U sales at 140k, up 233%

Here’s a look at estimates for consoles sold in the United States for June.

Nintendo hardware sales down 31% last year

Nintendo is no longer the top selling console maker in the world.

Japanese sales – Wii U outsells PS3/PS4

The Wii U outsells PlayStation home consoles this week in Japan, despite no new games yet.