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Nintendo dominated Japanese game sales in the past 12 months

9 out of 10 best selling games in Japan in the last 12 months were on Nintendo systems.

Japanese sales for 2/17 – 2/23

Here's a look at Japanese sales figures for this week, which included the launch of the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Wii U accounts for less than 5% of Ubisoft’s sales

Ubisoft's financial report for Q3 2013/14 is in and the Wii U accounts for less than 5% of total sales across all platforms.

Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World sales surpass 1 million each

Three Wii U games from last Fall have surpassed 1 million in sales worldwide.

Japanese sales charts for the week of Jan. 20 – 26

Here's a look at Japanese software and hardware sales for last week.

Iwata and Miyamoto will be taking pay cuts following poor perform...

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced a pay cut for himself, Miyamoto, and board directors for the company due to poor performance last quarter.

Nintendo announces plans to reacquire 10 million shares

Nintendo has announced plans to reacquire 10 million shares of its own stock after a weak financial report.

Nintendo’s Q3 financials shows Wii U sales at 2.41m for 9 m...

Nintendo only sold 2.41 million Wii U units during a nine month period last year, resulting in a less than stellar Q3 financial report.

Nintendo dominates Japanese best selling games of 2013 list

9 out of the top 10 games sold in Japan in 2013 were on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo loses $3 billion in market cap after Wii U sales announc...

Nintendo shares plunge 17% after the recent announcements.

Japanese sales show huge drop in Wii U sales after holidays

Japanese sales for the first full week of January plummet after high sales each week in December.

Nintendo officially lowers Wii U sales forecast

Nintendo lowers sales forecast from 6.8 million to a more realistic 4.3 million.

Nintendo continues to dominate the top of the Japanese sales char...

Here's a look at Japanese software and hardware sales numbers for the final week of 2013.

European mega retailer is dumping Wii U inventory at $99 Euros a ...

German retailer Media Marks appears to be clearing out inventory in Belgium with huge discounts.

Analyst: Wii U to sell under 20 million units by 2016

Game analyst Michael Pachter thinks Wii U sales will stay under 20 million by 2016 - about half of PS4 sales.

Wii U sells nearly 110k consoles in one week in Japan

Sales in Japan for the Wii U continue to rise week over week, with the largest jump we've seen yet.

Report: Wii U sales reach 4.3 million

Wii U sales have reached 4.3 million, according to a new report -- still a far cry from Nintendo's own estimates.