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Minor Wii U update now available

The Wii U has a minor system update that brings stability and performance improvements shortly before E3.

Wii U update is now live, go get it! [Updated with Changelog]

The Wii U update is now live and ready to be downloaded, so fire up that Wii U!

Rumor: Wii U firmware update could be kicked off by Nintendo Dire...

According to an email received by a customer, a Nintendo technician says there’s a big update on the way tomorrow.

Wii U system update 3.1.0 U now available for download

A new system update is available for the Wii U, bringing the version number up to 3.1.0 U.

Wii U update now live, makes your console “Super Fast”...

You can now download an update for the Wii U that will greatly increase its speed. Nintendo fans complaining about the console’s slow loading...

Wii U update confirmed for today; Virtual Console tomorrow

Nintendo’s official Facebook page confirms the Wii U update is today.

Wii U April update speed comparison [VIDEO]

Finally some proof of a much needed speed increase for the Wii U.

Nintendo: update the Wii U system before giving it as Xmas gift

Nintendo advises to open the Wii U and run the system update before giving the console as a gift.

New Wii U update available

The latest Wii U system update improves overall system stability and adds a bunch of other fixes as well.

Nintendo apologizes for Wii U update issues

Satoru Iwata is sorry that the day-one patch took so long to download and install.