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Rumor: Nintendo Switch does not support external hard drives

128 GB microSD cards is all you can hope for.

Wii U has sold 560,000 units so far this (fiscal) year

Wii U has sold 13.36 million units to date.

Nintendo Switch trailer doesn’t represent actual gameplay f...

“Don’t expect it to be real footage”, says Nintendo.

Analyst: Nintendo Switch could cost $250 and sell 10 million in y...

At that price, anything could sell ten million units.

Check out these awesome themed Nintendo Switch mockups

Pokemon, Mario, Luigi, and other themed mockups look pretty slick.

Wii U Daily is making a big “Switch” soon…

WiiUDaily will be making a huge change next week: what will it be?

Rumored Nintendo Switch specs reveal a pretty weak console

Quad-core ARM CPU with just 4 GB RAM. With last-generation Nvidia graphics.

Nintendo Switch has strong third party support

EA, Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, Ubisoft, Take Two and many others.

Nintendo reveals its latest console the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console has been unveiled and it’s called the Nintendo Switch. You can take it with you wherever you go, merging portable and...

Report: NX to be revealed this week

Says the mighty Wall Street Journal.

Super Mario Run could be a massive success on iOS

20 million iOS users have signed up to be notified when the game is released.

Paper Mario Color Splash leads Wii U eShop charts

Followed by another three Mario games.