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Free games bundle released on Wii U

The “First Skunk Bundle” includes 5 free Wii U indie games.

Ubisoft: NX is a “fantastic machine”, “a new ap...

Ubisoft continues its praise of the upcoming console.

New Zelda Breath of the Wild video shows Link cooking

Is there anything you can’t do in this game?

Analyst: Nintendo NX is “dead in the water” if priced...

But if it costs $199, it will sell “extremely well”.

Splatoon wins Game of the Year award at Tokyo Game Show

It beat out heavy hitters like Metal Gear Solid 5.

WarioWare Smooth Moves arrives on Wii U eShop

The Wario puzzle game is now on the Wii U via Virtual Console.

New Splatoon update is out

Features a couple of minor changes.

Cartridges once again mentioned for the NX, this time in Zelda tr...

Another hint that the NX will use a cartridge system.

First person puzzle game Soul Axiom coming to Wii U on September ...

Finally, an indie game on the Wii U that isn’t a 2D side scroller.