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Here’s a sneak peek at an overclocked battle in Xenoblade C...

Nintendo of Japan has uploaded a quick battle preview to give us a taste of the revised combat system in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Some of the critters in Xenoblade Chronicles X look terrifying [G...

Some of the native animals featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X are amazingly detailed and completely alien.

Have a listen to Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle theme

Listen to the battle music from the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X, featuring heavy metal guitar riffs and rap lyrics.

English subbed version of Japanese Xenoblade presentation now onl...

An English subbed version of the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation is now online, fully translated.

Check out 30 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X battle footage

Nintendo's Japanese stream for Xenoblade Chronicles X went live today, featuring a focus on combat and the game's huge environments.

Amazon Italy lists Xenoblade Chronicles X for a June release date...

Amazon Italy has posted June 26 as a release date for Xenoblade Chronicles X, could we be getting it as a summer release?

New Japanese Xenoblade X presentation on March 6 will showcase ba...

Nintendo of Japan has confirmed it will have a presentation on March 6 to showcase how the battle system works in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Weather affects battles in Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X developer Koh Kojima has revealed that weather can affect the outcome of battles in the game.

Check out this massive gallery of screenshots from Xenoblade Chro...

New areas from Xenoblade Chronicles X have been revealed on the Japanese website dedicated to the game.

Nintendo showcases the avatar creator from Xenoblade Chronicles X...

Listen to a new music track from Xenoblade Chronicles X as we have a scroll through the custom avatar creator's options.

Xenoblade Chronicles X supports off-TV play because of Western ga...

According to recent tweets by the game's director, Off-TV play support was added at the request of Western fans.

The Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation has been fully t...

A full English translation of the Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese presentation is now available online, thanks to dedicated fans.

Check out this Xenoblade Wii U bundle Japan is getting

Japan is getting a special edition Xenoblade Chronicles X bundle that comes with a map and a unique artbook for the game.

First online play details for Xenoblade Chronicles X revealed

Japan's presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X is over, but we learned two new details about the online multiplayer for the game.

Japan is getting a new Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation

Nintendo of Japan is giving a presentation about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X this Friday.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is so big, it barely fits on the Wii U dis...

Xenoblade Chronicles X producer says the game barely fits on the Wii U disc, but will provide seamless travel thanks to Nintendo.

New info about Xenoblade Chronicles X revealed

Famitsu dedicated a ten page spread to Xenoblade Chronicles X in this month's issue. Here's everything we know about the game so far.