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Miyamoto announces the end of the Year of Luigi

The Year of Luigi is coming to an end and so is the Miiverse community.

Nintendo announces Year of Luigi statue for Club Nintendo

Nintendo announces a new Club Nintendo award featuring Luigi’s Mansion to celebrate the Year of Luigi.

Amazing Luigi Nintendo 3DS XL case for Year of Luigi

Check out this amazing Luigi case to celebrate the Year of Luigi!

Club Nintendo Europe offering Year of Luigi Coin

Club Nintendo of Europe is offering an awesome Year of Luigi commemorative coin.

New Super Luigi U review

The braver brother returns to flutter jump through the stages Mario thought too difficult. But is console Mario’s first DLC fun?

Nintendo UK recaps 30 years of Luigi

Nintendo UK gives us a look at Luigi’s various designs over the past 30 years.

Year of Luigi community now available on Miiverse

Nintendo releases a Year of Luigi community for fans to discuss the upcoming games featuring Luigi.