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Did ZombiU deserve more love? [VIDEO]

ZombiU went multiplatform this week under the name of Zombi. Did it deserve more recognition as a Wii U exclusive?

Former Wii U exclusive Zombi U is officially going multi-platform

It’s official, Zombi U is being resurrected as Zombi on other platforms, wiping out one of the Wii U’s exclusive titles.

Free game and $25 gift card with purchase of Wii U at Best Buy [D...

Need a last minute excuse to buy somebody a Wii U? Best Buy has you covered, giving you roughly $75 worth of free stuff...

Just 3% of Ubisoft’s sales came from the Wii U in the last ...

Publisher reveals the cold hard truth about Wii U game sales.

ZombiU’s first patch fixes game-breaking bugs

Ubisoft have finally released a patch to address several game-breaking bugs in ZombiU.

ZombiU Deluxe Set officially announced for North America

The European ZombiU Wii U bundle is finally shambling onto North American shelves on February 17th.

ZombiU Wii U bundle coming to Canada

New bundle includes both ZombiU and Nintendo Land, and retails for $399 in Canada only.

ZombiU director discusses changes to melee system

ZombiU dev says game could use more melee weapons.

ZombiU creative director and producer discuss dropped game mechan...

The artistic director and producer of ZombiU discuss the game’s launch and game mechanics that got dropped for launch.

Ubisoft was “really disappointed with early ZombiU reviews&...

Ubisoft was really disappointed with some of the early ZombiU reviews, according to the game’s producer.

ZombiU web-comic available online

Ubisoft has released the complete ZombiU web-comic online, consisting of 15 small episodes.

ZombiU developer gives some multiplayer tips

Ubisoft explains the multiplayer mode in ZombiU and gives a few tips.

ZombiU Kill Box Trick in Multi-Player Mode [VIDEO]

Playing head-to-head in ZombiU Killbox? Take control of your zombie army and use this trick to frustrate your human opponent to death.

ZombiU extended developer walkthrough

We get an in-depth look at ZombiU and some of its many features.

ZombiU TV commercial

Nintendo and Ubisoft release the first ZombiU TV commercial in Europe.

More ZombiU screenshots inbound

Gory, scary, thrilling. New ZombiU screenshots are here.

European ZombiU Wii U bundle revealed

The Europe-exclusive ZombiU Deluxe bundle includes a Wii U Pro controller and other accessories.