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Ubisoft Wii U games

Ubisoft Wii U gamesUbisoft Wii U games span from hardcore action titles such as ZombiU, to more casual family friendly titles like Just Dance 4, and Rayman Legends. There are currently 8 Ubisoft Wii U games scheduled for release, most of them during the launch of the console. This makes Ubisoft the biggest Wii U third party publisher in the world. Here is the full list of the confirmed Ubisoft Wii U games:

List of Ubisoft Wii U games

Rumored Ubisoft Wii U games in development

  • Watch Dogs
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Far Cry 3
  • Red Steel 3

Ubisoft’s support of the Wii U console is second to none, the company no doubt has many other titles in development for the Wii U. So far, the titles from the publisher include eight games, five of which are scheduled for release during the launch window.