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Wii U apps

Wii U apps
Wii U apps are software programs and applications that are available on the Wii U operating system. The Wii U apps will be available in the form of Wii U channels and other apps that can be downloaded. For example some of the Wii U apps include Netflix and Hulu movie streaming, Internet channel for browsing, and so on. Finally, Nintendo is rumored to allow third parties to create apps for the Wii U, where the apps can range from mini games for the Wii U controller, to productivity, entertainment, lifestyle, and other apps. The apps are expected to be both free and paid, with Nintendo taking a percentage of app revenue, much like Apple does with iOS apps. The Wii U apps will be sold and downloaded through the Wii U eShop channel.

Types of Wii U apps

According to reports, Nintendo will allow a wide variety of apps to be offered through the app store. These apps include:

  • Productivity apps (writing, drawing apps, calculators etc.)
  • Mini games (puzzle games, chess, cards, etc.)
  • Media (Netflix, Hulu, movie streaming apps)
  • Social networking apps (Facebbook, Twitter)
  • Utilities (Weather, stocks, etc.)

Of course, the variety of apps is practically limitless, it all depends on how much and what kind of Wii U apps Nintendo will allow on the network. It’s unlikely that large gaming apps will be allowed due to competition from regular Wii U game sales. Regarding pricing, it’s unknown what kind of cut Nintendo will take from developers who sell apps for the Wii U, but all rumors points towards a 70/30 split, much like Apple and Google do with their app stores.

It’s unknown what kind of limitations Nintendo will impose on app makers. While there are many possibilities for all sorts of apps, it’s implausible that Nintendo will allow game apps to be published. This is largely due to competition from the regular Wii U games, the games sold on Wii U Ware indie distribution platform, and the Wii U Virtual Console service, which sells older Nintendo games. It is therefore possible that Nintendo will keep the app store only for apps that are non-gaming related.