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Wii U bundles

Wii U Bundles
Nintendo Wii U bundles will include the usual bundled video games with the system, although the system will launch without any bundles in 2012. Wii U bundles will generally include a game or two, or a controller, or a combination of the two. Nintendo is expected to offer Wii U bundles with some of its first party titles, like Super Mario Mii, or smaller puzzle games. Wii U accessories are expected to be included in some form of bundles with the accessory (like the Wii U Zapper) and a game that utilizes the particular accessory. Nintendo did this many times with the Wii console, and they’ll most likely offer similar Wii U bundles once the console has established itself in the marketplace. One possible game to bundle with the Wii U would be Wii U Play, a rumored game that could showcase what the new console can do. It is unknown whether the Wii U will get bundles featuring third party games, although this is unlikely.

Current Wii U bundles

There are currently no known Wii U bundles, other than the main package that the console will ship in. This will include the Wii U console, one Wii U controller, sensor bar, cables, and everything needed to get started. It is unknown whether the starter pack will include a game, like Wii did with Wii Sports. One game Nintendo could include in the Wii U bundle would be the New Super Mario Mii title that was showcased at E3, or possibly the Mii minigame that was playable at the same event. For the future, it’s possible that Nintendo will bundle some Wii U exclusives with the console.