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Wii U eShop

The Wii U eShop is part of the Nintendo Network and will offer players to purchase items online. The Wii U eShop will offer full retail games, game demos, downloadable content for games, and more. Because of Wii U backwards compatibility, players will be able to use the eShop channel to download older games from other Nintendo systems, such as Nintendo 64, GameCube, NES, and more.

Wii U eShopPlayers will use the Wii U eShop channel through the main menu from a selection of Wii U channels. However, players will also be able only to use the Wii U controller, even if the TV set is turned off (rumor). Players will make purchases either with a credit card, or via pre-paid game cards that will be sold at retail stores. Prices are likely to be in Wii Points, much like the old system. 100 Wii Points = $1, and prices will vary depending on geographic location and exchange rates.

Wii U eShop features

  • Download full retail games and other games on Wiiware
  • Downloadable content (DLC) for games
  • Wii U Virual Console game downloads
  • Players can also use pre-paid gaming cards to purchase content
  • Prices will be in Nintendo Points
  • Games will be stored on Wii U’s local flash drive, but can be stored on external USB and Flash drives as well.
  • Application downloads will be available through the Wii U apps channel.
  • Media and video are rumored to be available for purchase and rental.

The Wii U eShop channel will be online when the console a lunches, and will be available to all Wii U users. In order to use the eShop and purchase content, players will have to create a unique account. Games and content downloaded will be linked to this account only. Users will not be able to sell the content and games they purchase on the Wii U eShop.