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Wii U images

This collection of Wii U images showcase the console and its abilities. The images include both promotional pics from Nintendo, and photos of the Wii U console and controller in use at various events and showcases. Finally, we have a few 3D renders from artists, depicting the Wii U in their own way. Be sure to also check out our Wii U wallpapers page .

Wii U images from Nintendo

These are the official press photos from Nintendo, showcasing the console, controller and the Wii U stylus.

Wii U photos

The below photos show the Wii U controller in action, used under various gaming scenarios, like playing a game directly on the controller, streaming a video, connecting to the Nintendo Network. The final Wii U image shows the new Wii U Zelda game in action.

Wii U images

Wii U image

Wii U photo

Wii U image

Wii u controller back

Wii U E3

Wii U 3D renders

These 3D renders were done by artist “Tom-3D”. For more info, check our our post here.

Wii U controller render

Wii U controller render 2

All the photos are properties and copyright of their respective owners.