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Wii U Media

We have some Wii U media available in the form of images and videos showcasing the new console. The Wii U media images show the console, the controller and all of its buttons and triggers. The Wii U video shows how the new console and new Wii U controller work together, with some demonstrations from various Wii U games. For desktop backgrounds and wallpapers, please see our Wii U wallpapers page. For more detailed photos and images of the console, controller, and accessories, check out Wii U images.

Wii U Media: videos

These videos showcase the Wii U in action and what’s possible with the new controller and console. We’ll be adding more and more videos to the showcase as we get them.

Wii U images

These high-res images show the Wii U console and the controller from various angles. The controller images show specifically how it’s used, with the touchscreen and the Wii U stylus.
Wii U console
Wii U media
Wii U media controller
Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller